Episode 18 Prevenge

Am I already messing up this parenting thing before the baby sees the light of day? No Rachel, you're not. In response to this week's letter, Tam and Lori check out Prevenge, the 2016 horror comedy about a newly widowed and pregnant Ruth and her VERY articulate and homicidal fetus.

This episode has everything! Lady Shasha talks growing up a fourth-generation horror fan in Connecticut on a steady diet of HBO, Gore Zone, Elvira, Dean Koontz, drive-ins, Blacula and Buster's Pub & Video. Plus what it's like being one of the few women of color producing content in the horror community.

Episode 17 Darling

Relating to others can be murder. Just ask Darling, the title character of Mickey Keating's phenomenal 2015 film. Or ask Janet, whose letter to Dear Final Girl inspired our movie choice for this episode. Tam and Lori talk how we connect, how we isolate, and how hard it is to feel lonely.

Episode 16 They Live

Nothing like a little government insurrection to inspire a watch of They Live! Tam and Lori tackle the individual's role in society, media and messaging, what lies beneath, and what we can still count on when things fall apart. Tune in for the earnest angst, stay for the quotes from Honest Abe, Martha Nussbaum and the usual tangents.

Episode 15 Possessor

Do things feel different but somehow still the same? A letter from Purgatory sparks questions about identity as Tam and Lori check out Possessor.

In this Horrorigin Story Episode, Van recalls his childhood as a "mature little person," his initial rejection of movies in the humorous-yet-violent genre, and his eventual introduction to Cronenberg's The Fly. Stay for the discussions of Kafka, librarians, and Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.

Episode 14 Saw

A final girl in Nashville struggles with a job that's starting to feel like a trap. Sound familiar? Tam and Lori watch Saw while discussing how to get out, how to cope until you do, and how to find out what you really want so your next move is the right on. Check it out!

Episode 13 It’s Alive

There's only one thing wrong with the Davis baby... It's Alive! Lori and Tam take on Larry Cohen's 1974 classic, inspired by @Lando_Horror's Horrorigin Story. Lots of high-caliber acting in this low-budget production with explorations of how authority structures touch the lives of private citizens in crisis.

Check out our return episode and learn how Minnesota winters, watching late-night B-movies with a Pepsi-lovin' grandma, and those awesome 80s VHS covers created a lifelong horror compulsion for @Lando_Horror.

In the season closing episode, Frank (@NewHeyah) recounts the time he found horror with Jason Goes To Hell, rediscovering the genre in '96 with Scream, and re-rediscovering horror more recently with Leprechaun Origins. L&T talk horror as a solitary experience and one that builds community, the power of finding horror when you're "too young," and escaping to your own private cinema. 

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